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Create custom products with microencapsulation

Microencapsulation is a process by which a particle or droplet is atomized and surrounded with a coating thus creating tiny, individual packets. For 30 years, we have created many food, biological, nutraceutical, therapeutic, and cosmetic products for a range of attractive and consumable properties with your preferred ingredients for marketing.


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Creating vitamins and other supplements

Foods are full of vitamins. Fresher foods are better in quality for your body. However, vitamins are naturally fragile and need to be consumed when fresh instead of long-term storage, especially when in contact with other minerals. This is because chemical reactions occur, which alter the chemistry of each vitamin and mineral in its natural form.


Microencapsulation isolates vitamins and minerals, thus preserving them and protecting them from chemical reactions that ruin their structure and effectiveness. This enables a better quality product that can be stored for much longer periods.

Benefitting the baking industry

Microencapsulation of dough conditioner allows for precise melting point temperatures of leavening agents and active oxidizers resulting in better "puffing" or raising the dough faster and better for a higher yield with your baking products.


Microencapsulated sugars will adhere better when garnishing baked goods and provide a moisture barrier to prevent sogginess. Products will look and taste better as well as sell better, thanks to the process of microencapsulation.

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